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A blog for citizenship. Sorry.

I’m sure you’ll be interested to know that I’m currently amidst my citizenship coursework. Interestingly, this involves a program to spread the message that young people ‘aren’t that bad really’. Well, I have this thing, so it makes sense to use it. Obviously it would be far more entertaining for me to go on about how really all young people are scum who don’t deserve the privilege of existence, but no. I have to stick up for my peers. Great.
Joking aside, it really is an issue that really does need to be sorted. When was the last time you saw a positive story about a brilliant young child who had pulled a cat down from a tree or saved a pigeon from drowning or something? Ok, when was the last time you saw a headline detailing the brutish acts of a gang of thugs lurking around the local Sainsbury’s?
So why do papers constantly put these revolting atrocities on the front page? The simple truth of the matter is that crime sells. People are far more likely to pick up and buy a paper that details the number of windows smashed by marauding gangs than the figures for the latest girl guides cookie sale. In our world of rampant capitalisation, anything that makes anyone money becomes acceptable; I could talk about the latest Murdock scandal (BURN YOUR SKY BOXES!!), but that would be a fair way of topic.
But no one really let’s the biased nature of the papers actually influence them, do they? We all really know the truth of the matter, that the most shocking story gets precedence, that we all really must bear in mind the MILLIONS of young people who get through their days without stabbing anyone or vandalising public or private property. Well. When someone I know, who is also doing this citizenship thing, emailed the Mayor to ask him if ‘young people today fit the gangseterish stereotypes imposed on them by the media’, he replied with one word ‘yes’. In response to another question he also said that we, as young people, need to ‘take more pride in our local area’ – which is rather inconsiderate when one considers the litter strewn, drunk infested cess pit that actually is our local area. I’ll be the first to admit I’m no patriot.
There’s the whole other matter of the sparse nature of the actual laws protecting us as a group; there are laws stopping people from giving men precedence over woman when hiring, from acts of racism and from exploiting the elderly. The laws that we do have are spitefully two sided: when employers reach the age of 18, for example, and are therefore entitled to a higher salary, there’s a large incentive for employers to sack the existing employee and higher another youth, hence having to pay out far less.
It’s an undeniable truth that we young people are misrepresented and under protected, both locally and nationally. This blog is just one of the many actions our group and others are taking to get good marks on our citizenship coursework change the way society sees us.

The meaning of life (no, really)

My last 40 minutes have been wasted. I spent all of them writing my longest post yet, diligently correcting and proof reading as I went. Then I decided to save it, and in doing so lost all of my work. Every word. I'm (almost) literally fuming. And now I'm going to write it all out again, as best I can. I hope my wrath doesn't come across to strongly.

My past few posts have been rubbish. Idle ramblings - enough to mildly entertain some, but really not worth reading. To make up for that, here's a mammoth post on the meaning of life.

Free will. The supposed ability we have as humans, to do as we please and shape the world around us is an illusion. Controversial, eh? Let me explain. Who we are is defined by our past. What else? Everything that has ever happened to us - the genes we've inherited, the books we've read, the people we've met - has been out of our control. Therefore when we supposedly exert control for ourselves, whatever we 'choose' to do is not really a choice at all. Just as we cannot choose what happens to us, we cannot choose what we will do. Not really. The first choices we make will be entirely based on whats just happened to us, choices made further on will be partly based on our previous ones - which ultimately lead back to the same uncontrollable factors. Let's have an example.

A moral choice, perhaps, would best illustrate my point. 'Should I point out the bit of lettuce stuck in someones teeth?'. Maybe that's overly mundane, but it does demonstrate what I'm saying. If I were in the situation for example, I would not want to see the person humiliated. Why? Because I do not enjoy seeing other peoples displeasure. Why? Because my parents don't. Having decided to do the best I can for the person, do I point the offending morsel out, risking their displeasure, or ignore it and allow other people to continue snickering behind the persons back? Having witnessed a similar situation where the food was not pointed out which ultimately ended badly, I might decide to tell them. I had no choice whether to witness that event or not, just as I had no choice about being exposed to my parents influence. Another person who has had a different upbringing may not care for the other persons feelings, and might point and jeer. His hypothetical personality, as well as mine, have been determined by past events and situations. Nothing else, nothing more.

This is not to say I believe in the concept of predeterminism. I do not believe in the concept of 'fate', the idea that the whole universe is inexorably bound to a certain path - this is definitely not the case, and can be proven so by quantum physics. The underlying random nature of the universe has long been widely accepted by physicists - an atom for example, is in no fixed place at one time. It is continually moving around, admittedly in the same general microscopic area, but nevertheless in a completely random pattern. Its position is not decided by any known rules of physics - it simply comes and goes as it pleases. 'Not only does God play dice with the universe, he throws the dice where we can't see them'. (Stephen Hawking)

As you can see, there is simply no gap for free will. It is simply an illusion, albeit a very strong one, which every conscious being is under for every second of their lives. I understand I will not have convinced most people reading this, as the illusion is integral to our everyday lives. What would become of society if everyone in it genuinely believed that we had no choice in life? It would fall apart. The vast majority would simply give up. The next great question we have to ask ourselves is 'What's the point in living?' I've come to the conclusion that I am not writing this of my own free will. A myriad of different factors will have made me decide to make this blog, countless others will have made me write this particular post. But that doesn't bother me. The reason I can continue to experience and enjoy life is simple - because it IS enjoyable. And terrible. But ultimately, at least in my particular case, WORTH LIVING. I challenge anyone to come up with a better outlook on life than that.

Aaaand I'm done for today. Let me know if I've convinced you (or not). If you feel like it, write a counter argument in the handy comments section below.

An actual account of my day

For a change, I'm actually going to tell you about my day. This may end up being as boring as hell, but hey, I'm sure hell isn't that boring. Just agonisingly painfull.

As is my habit, today was a town-going day. Just a regular social outing which Jim criticises me for; he has yet to descover the joy of loitering. So after the few hours enwhich it takes me to get myself organised enough to do anything, I caught the bus to town. Alone. Because nobody lives by me anymore. Still, it gives me a chance to catch up on my podcasts....

That makes me out to be even sadder than I actually am. Which is hard. Moving on.

I got to town, joined my friends in the epic youth cafe, left the epic youth cafe, went loitering. Me and dan fell behind and got confronted by a drunk person. After a few minutes of him gurgling about the bike he'd just stolen, he suggest we go into the middle of the road and have a fight. I declined. He then accused me and Dan of being brothers, then started to follow us as we backed away. Then an old man came over and told him to fuck off, which he did. And during the whole encounter we didn't get punched. So that was alright.

We loitered for a bit, went into the entertainer and got annoyed at beyblade rip offs. Well, me and phil did. Then I got told to use the word ruminate in every post I do. Quota fulfilled for today. I bought a few cards for people and, as always, forgot to bring the envelopes to the counter with me. On the bus back I annoyed the driver by not getting off the bus when I pressed the 'stop the bus so I can get off button'. I had to stand their in awkward silence for 5 minutes until my actual stop came up. Then I got back and wrote this.

Ah, I forgot all the little quirky things that happened during the day that made me decide to write this post. I don't think this has really worked - maybe I'll go back to blogging about big important things that are beyond me. Thoughts?

Improvised late night blog post

Right. SO I'm writing a blog post at 22:43, around 10 mins before I go to bed. Commitment? Not when this is only your 5th serious post after 2 moths have passed sinced you enthusiasticly stated 'I'm gonna start a blog :D :D :D' (:D). In that sentence, 'you' is me. Aargh, this is the kinda blog post you people (yes, YOU people) get when I write it late at night. Gard, I hope you poeple are entertqained by inane, directionless ramblings. I need direction. I'm gonna stop in a minute, sit back, and write abou tthe first word that comes into my head.

Ok, the SECOND word that comes into my head. This isn't that kind of blog.


So written in capitols because that is how it appeared in my head. Fire. Miss Evans is scared of fire. She checks in at half term just to see reassure herself that her books havent spontanously combusted. Fire. Remember those fire fighter guys that came into your primary school, with a mock room full of fire hazards? I do. I remember the guy in particular. Forever more, my image of a firefighter will be a tall, gruff man with a moustache, cokney accent and patronising tone of voice. Sorry Sam.

That didnt go aswell as i'd hoped. Maybe because I'm tired, maybe because fire isnt that entertaining. Fire. I'll stop it now. Fire.

I confess, I'm only writing this to increase my 'serious' post count. And because Jim was rejiffing his live journal, and I thoguth what the hell. This is just getting more and more rambly. Even I can tell that, in my sleep deprived state. I better stop.

A ramble and some new things

Hey, look, it's me, the guy who used to blog a tiny bit. By which I mean, I've wrote 3 proper entrys. So yeah, after reading through Bethans mammoth collection of posts (YOUVE BLOGGED ALMOST EVERY DAY! NARGH!) I've managed to motivate myself into doing another one. Trouble is, I have nothing to write about. I'm beggining to remember why I stopped. OK. Seen as I desperatly need to attract more readers (and keep my existing 3) I should probably right about something generic and mainstream which the majority of people would find entertaining. Instead, I'm going to start a new section of my blog called 'Why I hate the bloody Tories' and provide you all with a reason every day.

Why I hate the bloody Tories (Reason 1): They're homophobic, racist, anti-european bastards. (ok, that was 3 reasons but hey, I'm trying to get the ball rolling.

Also, inspired by John Walkers excellent Idea - http://botherer.org/category/rules/
I'm going to start another section, listing all of THE RULES which every person ever should adhere to. With the potential exception of me. Here are a few to start off with:

Rule 1: Anybody who has the arrogance to create a list of rules which they think should be forced on the rest of humanity is to be branded 
              a pontificating bastard, and lynched.
Rule 2: Ignorance is not to be punished, but lack of desire to correct said ignorance IS.
Rule 3: Those who get caught in the rain without an umbrella should be LEFT TO SUFFER. Not allowed to take advantage of their kindly, 
              well prepared friends.

Anyways, I have a maths exam tommorow which takes up a third of my GCSE. gasldghadnfnwrdsdcg. agh.

So, I've reached that legendary post. The third one (I'm not counting the automatic welcoming one from livejournal. 3 cheers for individualism, etc etc). The post  notorious for being when the author gets over the novelty of the whole thing and gets on with the tedious monotony of churning out what they think newsworthy quits. Unfortunately, I'm still *cough* enthusiastic, so prepare yourselves for what this journal was set up to do from the very beginning, since it's very inception! (last friday). I'm gonna do a rant.

 I just walked downstairs into the living room and found my dad and sister watching Eastenders. Well, actually they were watching judge judy 'to see how nasty she was' but for the purposes of this fake anecdote, they were watching a soap. My first question, as it always is, was why. Why would you watch this? Why is this on telly? Why has it gained (and continues to gain) not only a significant cult following but the mass appeal of almost the entire nation? Why is our christmas tree still up? Well now i'm going to answer all those questions, allocating the appropriate amounts of disgust and disapproval to each as I go. Apart from that last one, thats's a completely seperate issue which I slpped in for humourous effect. That said, why the hell IS our christmas tree still up?

So, as far as I understand it, eastenders is set in the real world, and follows the daily troubles of the normal folk down at the east end of London. Exept every single person living there is by no means a normal citizen. THAT would be dull. No, every character has had some past folly with drugs, murder, homosexuism, rape, arson, adultery, theft, fraud, kidnapping, peodphillia... It's all there. look back at the shows history and I'm sure you can find at least one example of each, along with countless other antisocial atrocities. And hey, theres the basis for your programme. come up with an array of creditable, believable, every day people and throw them into the hell which is, apparently, the east end. I've heard bad things, but surely it can't be THAT bad...

Ok, so the premise sounds decent. Contrived, trashy and repetetive yes, but workable. However, pile on a heap of bad actors, a  ladle of over the top, ridiculously controversial plot lines and a light dusting of ridicoulous, completely UNbelievable characters and pop the resulting mess into the oven for 25 YEARS and you have yourself the cheapest, crappiest material on television.
Besides Reality T.V of coarse, but that's a rant for another day.



So, what do I write about on this blog of mine? What subjects could I explore without sounding too serious, too light, or too whiney? I guess religion and americanisms are out for now. So, what annoys me in such a way that I could channel that annoyance into entertaining writing.... Well, internet adds that move and distract you whilest your trying to do something would be a start. But no, whilst I could go on endlessly about the obnoxious adverts and popups that dominate the web, I'm sure I could find something more interesting to write about. Ive checked the news, the headlines concern rapists and the governments plans to cut disabled benefits. I'm not really sensing the comedic value there. I think I shall have to go into something verging on deep - If I spend this space moaning about trivial, everyday annoyances I'm sure the fan will lose interest, as well as myself. (Yes, fan: singular. Thats YOU.) Alas, this post must be ended. I'll spend the rest of the day looking for inspiration, don't worry, reader(s? :).

I'm Matthew Cox. Seeing as everybody who reads this will be one of my friends, you probably know me as 'Coxy'. You probably won't want to know me anymore If you keep reading this.

Well, I've decided to start a blog. Yep. I've actually decided to give up hours of my time on a regular basis to submit my thoughts on the matters of the world. Let this record of my inner workings, musings,  and ruminations (People really should use the word 'ruminate' more) go forth into the vast swamp of amateur journalism out there and try to fight for survival. Its a harsh virtual world out there. I realise that there are countless people who feel that their thoughts should be heard, that they think their minds are such marvelous places of wit and knowledge that others should  NEED TO see them. Rather haughty when you think about it. Yet rather unavoidable. Look, just by writing that segment there I appear a pompous, pontificating hypocrite, don't I? To submit anything as something that is worth looking at not only suggests arrogance, but invites scorn and disapproval. On that note, I offer to you my blog. I can only disguise it as something I think worthy of sharing with you, yet really we both know I'm just showing off. Nevertheless, I endeavour to update my section of the internet at least weekly. If this isn't your thing, I suggest you stop now - I'll only annoy you. But who am I to judge? READ ON!